Services Primer

Here is a step by step information listing on how to register your nickname and your channel. All commands start by a slash / if you do not put the / your command goes into the channel for everyone to see.

Once you are on the server you will most likely be known as Guestxxxx, so your first step is to change your nickname /nick <yourNEWnickname>. You may get notification that the nickname is owned by someone else and that you must identify which means you'll need to find a new nickname for yourself. You can look if a nickname is registered by typing /ns info <nickname> another example is /ns info Joe if Joe is registered it will tell you so you need to find yourself another one you could look for /ns info Joe123 if it's not registered change your nickname to Joe123 and you can register your nickname.

Registering your nickname:

Now that you have selected a nickname that you would like to own type the following information to register it.

/ns register yourpassword youremail You choose your own password and put your real email in the email field since it is a determining factor when trying to retrieve your password in case you lose it. Example /ns register mypass

Write your password down in order not to forget it and make your password something hard to guess using numbers and letters or various characters here are some examples: myp@22 or mypass987

Now you should set the following setting on your nickname /ns set KILL on

You can see all the different settings by typing /ns help set.

When NickServ asks you to identify to your nickname use /ns identify <yourpassword> or /pass <password>. You are now ready to register your channel. How to register a channel:

To register a channel you need to first /join #<channel> substitute #channel by the name of the channel you want. To verify if the channel is not already registered type /cs info #<channel>. Channels always start with the # sign

When you join the channel you will be op-ed by default you will have a @ or a spider or your name will be in a different color, once you have this by your name you can register the channel using /cs register #channel password description. Once again substitute the password with your own password and the channel description is a few words describing the type of channel it is. Now that your channel is registered you should add the following settings: /cs set #<channel> OPGUARD on and /cs set #<channel> MLOCK +tn , /cs set #<channel> topiclock SOP and finally /cs sop #<channel> add <yournickname>. You're all set from this point on if you need to make modifications to your channel you will need to identify as the channel founder using /cs identify #<channel> <password>.

Keep in mind never to give your passwords to anyone, make your passwords hard to guess, and always use a valid email address in your registration. All services have help files associated with them for example /cs help or /cs help set same thing with NickServ /ns help and /ns help set.