Server to Server Linking

How to setup a link with another server?

You can setup a link with another server through the CRConf, the webadmin, or via adminserv

For the webadmin or CRConf you can simply follow what it says; or for adminserv

/as server namehere add
/as server namehere set name
/as server namehere set hostname IPnumber or Hostname
/as server namehere set port 6667
/as server namehere set inpass pass
/as server namehere set outpass pass
/as server namehere enable
If you choose to auto connect
/as server namehere set auto on


How to temporarily remove a problem server?

For servers with enterprise services you can use '/operserv jupe add servername reason'. This will add a temporary server on the network with the same name, preventing the real one from connecting. For non-enterprise you can use /as server namehere disable to temporary disable the c/n lines.

How to reconnect servers to a network?

To connect a server to your server (locally) you can use /connect servername. To connect a server to another server (remotely) you can /connect servername port otherserver

How to disconnect my server from a network?

To remove your own server from a network you can use the /squit command. If you do not wish to relink you should disable the c/n lines using /as server namehere disable.

There are problems when linking, what do I do?

Often the error message given will give you an idea of the problem. It could be a password error or a host error. If the server has other servers connected to it, the server needs to be set as a hub.

How do I prevent my server from splitting?

The best way to prevent splitting is to have a good hub setup that can hold decent connections with the servers. In the event of splitting sometimes having auto connect set will help.