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Web Server Update Log

CR 4.0 Release
November 25, 2009

  • Support byte range queries for static files and binaries.
  • Don't use chunked encoding unless a client advertises they can support it.
  • Directory indexing support, file/dir/ufile/udir replacements.
  • Tune memory allocator for modern systems with more memory.
  • Upgrade OpenSSL, merge OpenSSL security fixes, new algorithms.
  • Memory allocator bugfixes.
  • Drop support for pre-2003 technologies (see platforms for details).
  • SSL autodetection, SSL/plaintext on same ports.
  • Fix I/O thread starvation issues.
  • Deprecate MD5 in favor of SHA1.
  • X.509 updates.
  • Better performance on Core and Core 2 CPUs, tune for multicore CPUs.
  • Fix a bug where SSL protocol errors were reported as normal TCP closes.

CR 3.5 Release
July 12, 2007

  • Significant performance fixes.
  • Support for pipelining and chunked encoding.
  • Improved redirection logic.
  • Fix 304 handler erroneously sending a body.
  • Support new IPC logic for nickname/channel configuration.
  • Improve nickname and channel web-management pages.
  • Improve server web-management pages.

CR 3.0 Release
May 26, 2006

  • Support for SSL certificate chains.
  • Switch to require all web-based administration to use SSL.
  • SSLv2 disabled by default.
  • Web server supports %"var% to URL-encode var (need to use this!).
  • Disable SSLv2 by default.
  • Improved HTTP/1.1 compliance.
  • Improved UNIX I/O core, including support for Linux's 'epoll'.
  • Web server virtual hosting, name-based and IP/port based (check admin!).
  • Variable Changes
  • /as web ssl admin
  • /as web ssl chainfile <file>
  • /as web vhost list
  • /as web vhost add <host_mask>:<port_mask> <theme>
  • /as web vhost del <host_mask>:<port_mask> [<theme>]

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