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Chat Server Update Log

CR 4.0 Release
November 25, 2009

  • Support nick-locked operators. (as oper <name> nick <nickname>)
  • New AS command 'security dcc set max-filename-length disable|<number>'
  • New AS command 'security dcc set channel-target on|off'
  • New AS command 'services set nicks-per-email <limit>'
  • Fix three rare bugs that can cause server crashes.
  • Support new Adobe Flash policy rules.
  • Fix HTML client duplicate message bug.
  • Tune memory allocator for modern systems with more memory.
  • Upgrade OpenSSL, merge OpenSSL security fixes, new algorithms.
  • Memory allocator bugfixes.
  • Drop support for pre-2003 technologies (see platforms for details).
  • SSL autodetection, SSL/plaintext on same ports.
  • Fix I/O thread starvation issues.
  • Deprecate MD5 in favor of SHA1.
  • X.509 updates.
  • Better performance on Core and Core 2 CPUs, tune for multicore CPUs.
  • Fix a bug where SSL protocol errors were reported as normal TCP closes.

CR 3.5 Release
July 12, 2007

  • Server-side enforcement of channel modelocks.
  • Option to control whether IPs must resolve to connect.
  • Client class restrictions by client type.
  • Introduce redirection logic using numeric 010.
  • Eliminate lock contentions.
  • Accelerated login procedures.
  • Never show unmasked hosts in WATCH/BUDDY replies.
  • Correct a minor technical flaw in the host hashing implementation.
  • Performance fixes for handling timed sqlines.

CR 3.0 Release
May 26, 2006

Additional Features:

  • All non-trial servers get a host name that is automatically mapped to the IP the server is running on (if they report to the domain master).
  • Blacklisted IPs or open proxies are shared over the network.
  • Changed from keys to certificates.
  • Client classes can have a default channel.
  • DNS blacklist support, cache of allowed/disallowed IPs.
  • Estimate channel queue wait times.
  • Improved channel properties.
  • Improved channel queues.
  • Kick by mask.
  • List of restricted URLs that cannot be advertised through the chat server.
  • Machine-readable version for better client identification.
  • New stats D, P.
  • Oper configuration flag 'e' for must be secure.
  • Per-operator secure connection requirement.
  • Personal logging feature set.
  • Proxy check and DNS blacklist and whitelisting.
  • Remote throttle synchronization.
  • Server-server connections now authenticate by certificate and serial number.
  • Server-server links encrypted.
  • Server-server links secure even over non-SSL ports.
  • Server-server operhost support.
  • Smarter host masking for hostnames that start with the IP address.
  • Smarter 'stats 5' output.
  • SSLv2 disabled by default.
  • Support for SSL certificate chains.
  • Disable SSLv2 by default.
  • Support for new domain master, server reporting, and proxy reporting.
  • Weblink support, access URL to validate signons, nick changes, channel joins.
  • Weblink support to allow web-based approval of connections, joins, and nick changes.
  • Zone feature set with bot "supervisor password" feature.
  • Lots of property changes.
  • TV-style ratings.
  • Option to redirect if no matching client class.
  • Support for user themes.
  • Accelerated login procedure.


  • Better performance on hyperthreaded CPUs.
  • Entropy cache.
  • New domain protocol.
  • Rewritten memory allocator for improved concurrency.
  • Improved UNIX I/O core, including support for Linux's 'epoll'.

Additional Commands:

  • /attach <password> <email> ;replaces: /ns register /cs register
  • /auth <nickname> ;replaces: /ns auth
  • /buddy <nickname> <add|delete|list> ;replaces: /ns buddy
  • /identify <luid|nick> <password> ;replaces: /ns sidentify
  • /nick <nickname> <password> ;replaces: /ns sidentify <nickname> <password>
  • /info <nickname|channel|server> ;replaces: /ns info and /cs info
  • /access <nickname|channel> ;replaces: /ns listchans, /cs why, cs acc
  • /list <nickname|channel> ;replaces: /ns list, /cs list
  • /acl #<channel> [<level>] <add|del|list|wipe|count|enable|disable> ;replaces: cs uop/vop/aop/sop/mgr
  • /akick #<channel> <add|del|list|wipe> ;replaces: /cs akick
  • /attach ;replaces: /cs attach
  • /mode #<channel> <mode> <luid|nickname> ;replaces: /cs op/deop/voice/devoice
  • /invite ;replaces: /cs invite
  • /kick #<channel> <wildcard> ;replaces: /cs mkick
  • /transfer #<channel> <nickname> ;replaces: /cs ftransfer
  • /auth #<channel> ;replaces: /cs auth
  • /prop <nickname|channel> ;replaces: /cs set
  • /memo <target> [mtarget <target specifier>] [mtopic <topic> mbody] body #<channel> <uop|vop|aop|sop|mgr> ;replaces: /ms send
  • /read <type|memo> <number> ;replaces: /ms read
  • /silence <nickname> <add|del> <memo|nick|luid> ;replaces: /ms ignore
  • /folder <select|stat|create|del/delete|undel|move> ;replaces: /ms <select|stat|create|del/delete|undel|move>

Additional Configuration Elements:

  • /as bot <name> set adminpass <pass>
  • /as chan <name> set adminpassword <pass>
  • /as client <name> set chan #<default_channel>
  • /as client <name> set chanlock <add|del|list>
  • /as client <name> set hostoverride <host>
  • /as client <name> set multi <number>
  • /as client <name> set restricted <java|envoy>
  • /as client <name> vhost <add|del|list>
  • /as domain <name> set register <local|remote> <on|off>
  • /as field <name> set type <string|number|blob>
  • /as general set aup <url>
  • /as general set domain <on|off|auto>
  • /as general set domainkey <file>
  • /as general set redirect-on-shutdown <on|off>
  • /as general set name <servername> <netservname>
  • /as general ssl v2 <enable|disable>
  • /as general ssl chainfile <file>
  • /as general plog <enable|disable|keeptime|maxlength|email>
  • /as security throttle remote <number> <number>
  • /as security throttle remote off
  • /as security channel user-msgs-per-second <num>
  • /as security proxycheck report <on|off>
  • /as security proxycheck report <source|target> <email>
  • /as security proxycheck report server <mail_server_IP>
  • /as security proxycheck report format <default|<type>>
  • /as services set [clone-kill-multiplier|deftrigger|granularity] <number>
  • /as security set whochan [on|members|ops]
  • /as security weblink timeout <seconds>
  • /as security weblink <signon|join|nickchange> url <url>
  • /as security weblink <signon|join|nickchange> default <allow|deny>
  • /as security urlfilt
  • /as security urlfilt <all|none|channel>
  • /as security urlfilt <list|stats>
  • /as security urlfilt notice <on|off|#<channel>>
  • /as server <name> secure



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