Usage: WEB SSL <command> [<parameters>]

These commands control Secure Socket Layer for the web server, allowing you to let people connect securely through the web. The key and certificate must be .pem files containing RSA or DSA key and certificate. If no key or certificate is set then the web and chat server will agree on a "temporary" self-signed key and certificate. This works the same was as GENERAL SSL.

ADMIN - Only allow web based administration via SSL.
CERTFILE - Set the SSL web servers SSL certificate.
CHAINFILE - Sets a file containing the certificate chain (in PEM format).
DISABLE - Disable SSL for the web server.
ENABLE - Enable SSL for the web server.
KEYFILE - Set the web servers SSL key.
PORT - Set the port(s) for secure connections.
V2 - Enables SSL V2 Support.

/as help web ssl <topic>