Usage: SERVICES SET SMTP [ip] [optional port number]

This command configures the mail server that services uses a relay to send mail. The server must speak the RFC protocol, as defined in RFC 821, and must not require "POP before SMTP" or the use of the "EHLO" command.

/as services set smtp 25

The server name can be either an IP or a hostname. Services resolves hostnames before attempting a delivery run, which occurs every 15 minutes. The port number is optional. If it is not specified, the traditional SMTP port as defined in RFC 821 -- port 25 -- will be used.

By default, this option is configured to use an SMTP server on the same system as services, listening on port 25 of the localhost (that is, interface. Make sure that the smtp server you select will allow this server to use it as a relay. If no SMTP server is set services will not use registration verification.