Usage: SERVICES SET NICKREG [disable|open|verify|oper]

This command changes the registration behavior of nicknames, limiting who can register, or what kind of verification should be required before finalizing the registration.

The restrictions for each of the settings are as follows:

disable: Nickname registration is disabled. Existing registered nicknames remain registered and usable.

open: Nickname registration is available to everyone. No verification is performed.

verify: Nickname registration is available to everyone. Verification of the e-mail address specified is performed, and a registration code which must be supplied to services within 24 hours in order to complete the registration is sent back via e-mail. Existing registered but unverified nicknames remain registered, but cannot be added to channel access lists unless verified.

oper: Nickname registration is only available to users with server operator privileges. No verification is performed.

/as services set nickreg diable
/as services set nickreg open
/as services set nickreg verify
/as services set nickreg oper

The default for this is "open" which allows everyone to register nicknames without additional verification. When using "VERIFY" mode, the SMTP feature must be properly configured. If it is not, mails may not reach their intended destination, and registrations may expire.

Notice: Services maintains an extensive database of valid top-level domains that it uses to verify if a nickname is valid or bogus. The database is processed once during startup and kept in memory after that. In the event that a new top-level domain is created, it may be necessary to receive an updated version of the database (or edit the file) to ensure proper validation of e-mail addresses.