Usage: SERVICES SET FOLDER CAPACITY <command> <number>

SOURCE - Limit memos per folder from a single source.
TOTAL - Limit the total number of memos in each folder.

This command set limits the number of memos from a single source and folders that can be created inside the memo system.

/as help services set folder capacity <topic>

Larger memo capacities are easier on the user, while smaller values conserve space and encourage people to clean out their memo boxes. Large source values are convenient, but make it easier for users to flood each other with memos. Memo flooding is not common, since it is easy to trace and deal with users who do so, but it does happen on occasion. If users are allowed to create their own memo folders, then you can have a smaller source capacity, since they can move memos from users who frequently memo out of their inbox. If they cannot create new folders, you might want to allow a larger source capacity. In general a source capacity between 5 to 10 is good.