Usage: SERVICES SET <command> [<parameter>]

These commands allow you to customize several aspects of services.

BUDDYLISTS - Enables or Disables the buddy list feature set.
CHANEXPIRE - Set the expiry time for rooms.
CHANREG - This command limits who can register a channel.
CLONE-KILL-MULTIPLIER - Sets the multiplier for killing clones.
DEFTRIGGER - Set the default clone trigger.
FOLDER - Set MemoServ features.
GRANULARITY - Set how often clone warnings re-trigger.
HOST - Specify the IP for services' server.
LOGEMAIL - Logs all email addresses.
NETWORK - Set the type of network.
NICKEXPIRE - Set the expiry time for nicknames.
NICKREG - This command limits who can register a nickname.
PASSWDFILTER - Sets the complexity required of users passwords.
REGCHAN - Enable or disable registration for rooms.
REGISTER - Sets user registration options.
REGNICK - Enable or disable registration for nicknames.
SMTP - Specify the SMTP server for sending email verifications.
TEMPLATE - Specify services template files.
THROTTLE - Set the interval for clone warnings.
USER - Specify the user value for services' server.

/as help services set <topic>

It is useful to go over these commands so that you will understand what options are available. In most cases the default settings are sufficient, but changing them may make things work better for your particular network.