Usage: SERVER <name> SET AUTO [on|off]

This command sets whether your server should automatically try to connect to the other server if they get split. When set on, if your server "splits" or disconnects from another server then a timer goes into effect and after a certain number of seconds, the server will make a connection attempt.

/as server ChatNow set auto on

Autoconnects encourage the network to fix itself even if network operators do nothing. The delay is there so that if human judgement decides the autoconnect is a bad idea, then an operator can attempt a different connection before the autoconnect kicks in. You will probably want to set autoconnects on for the best links to your server and set it off for servers it does not normally connect to. Configuring a profile for a server that does not connect well can still be useful as a backup in case the normal connections have problems at some time. While the network is split apart is not the ideal time to start adding server profiles.