Usage: SERVER <name> SET <command> [value]

This command set allows you to configure the different aspects of the server.

AUTO - Auto Connect value.
BINDIP - Bind your outbound connectioin to a specific IP address.
DISABLE - Disable the profile while saving the information.
ENABLE - Turn on the profile.
HOST - The IP address or hostname.
HUB - Define the server as a hub.
LEAF - Define the server as a leaf (default setting).
NAME - Set the actual server name.
OPERHOST - Set the actual server name.
PING - Set the ping frequency.
PORT - Set the port to connect to.
SECURE - Make an SSL Outbound Connection.
SECUREONLY - Only allow an SSL Outbound Connection.
SERIAL - Set the connecting servers serial number.
STRICT - Set the address that you expect the server to connect from.

/as help server <topic>