Usage: SECURITY WEBLINK [<seconds>|<url>] <command> <allow|deny>

DEFAULT - Sets the default action.
JOIN - Launches a remote web based join channel script.
NICKCHANGE - Launches a remote web based nickname change script.
SIGNON - Launches a remote web based script to allow users access.
TIMEOUT - Determines the time that the server will wait before using the default action.

Previously ConferenceRoom allowed you to connect to a community via our external methods. Basically this was a set of DLL's or SO's that you would code in C++ to hook into specific functions in the chat server. This allowed you to control access control, nickname changes and channel joins. Now you can accomplish the same thing using web based scripts that return specific instructions to the chat server via a web page.

This makes integration of ConferenceRoom very easy to almost any community solution that use perl/php/cgi based scripts.

/as help security weblink <topic>

Enterprise Edition Feature