This command sets the access level required to create new rooms.

All - All may create rooms.
REGISTERED - Must be a registered and identified user. JAVA - Must be on a ConferenceRoom java applet. REGORJAVA - Must be registered or on a java client. Oper - Must be +o to create rooms.
SA - Must be +a to create rooms.
Admin - Must be +s to create rooms.

/as security set newchan all

If you allow everyone to create new rooms then you will have a network with a large number of rooms on various topics. The advantage of this is that the users will normally enjoy it more and you do not need to think up every room they might want nor run each one yourself. The disadvantage is that they may create some rooms that you do not approve of without you noticing. All of the other levels allow you to choose who is responsible enough to create new rooms if you have decided to have a more restrictive network.