This sets the timing for flood control on the server. Users gain penalties as they send messages to the server. As time passes between messages the penalty count lowers. Each time the user sends more messages per second than allowed, they gain a penalty. When they have more than their allowed penalties they get disconnected if kill is set on. If the user paused, the penalty count would lower. Values are on|off for the kill option. All other values are in seconds.

KILL - Disconnect users when users hit the flood limits.
OPER - Adjust Server Operator flood limits.
PENALTIES - Number of penalties allowed within the set time period.
SECONDS - The window of time that penalties will be accumulated.

/as security set flood kill off
/as security set flood kill on
/as security set flood seconds 2
/as security set flood penalties 12
/as security set flood oper 3

The lower the seconds and penalties are set, the more flooding will be discouraged. But some bots or scripts may send commands faster but have legitimate purposes. Try to experiment to find the right balance for your network.