Usage: SECURITY KLINE [<command>] [<mask>] [<reason>]

This command set will be one of the most used security settings for your server. It has the same function as AKILL but works in a single server environment. This will prohibity users from gaining access to your server by method of matching the mask of the user trying to connect to the server. If the user matches a mask they will be given a reason why they couldn't connect.

ADD - Add a permanent kline.
DEL - Delete a permanent kline.
LIST - List your all your klines on your server.

/as help security kline <topic>

If you run an open chat network, then you should make sure to go through your klines and remove old ones. Since these klines will never go away on their own, you may end up with people being banned for a very long time. Even if a ban only affects one user, many users will reform and begin behaving eventually and most bans will block chatters who use the same ISP.