Usage: SECURITY CHAN <add|del|list> <allow|deny> #<mask> [<reason>]

This command set gives you complete control over channel naming conventions on your server. There are two concepts that you need to understand prior to using this system:

The first is allow and deny. You use allow and deny to set up what can be used on your server. An ALLOW will always take priority over a DENY. So if you DENY all channels on your server, then you ALLOW a specific channel name or names then people will be able to join the channels that are ALLOWED inside the wider DENY. So you could DENY all channels that start with #help* and then allow only those channels you select by adding each one, or by using masks (as discussed below).

The second concept is wildcards: There are two main wildcards that can be used the first is the * and it will allow any characters and any length to be used following it. If you wanted to block out all names that end with Serv then you can do DENY #*Serv. Now you've just blocked any channels that end with serv. Consequently you can also block all channels that start with a specific word. So if you wanted to block all channels that start with #support then you can do DENY #Support*.

The second wildcard is a ? this wildcard lets you do a single character replacement. If you added a mask of ALLOW #support.? Then #support.1 #support.d could be used but #support.11 couldn't as that is two characters and not the single one that you added an ALLOW for.

/as security chan add deny #* We follow a channel naming convention.
/as security chan add allow #alt.* Alt Group
/as security chan add deny #alt.warez* No warez allowed
/as security chan add allow #sci.* Science Group
/as security chan add allow #foo.* Something to Delete

/as security chan del allow #foo.*
/as security chan list

In the above example we set a DENY of all the channels on the server, then we used ALLOW and wildcards to specify what could be used on the server. In this way we have made a server where #alt.* and #sci.* can be used. So you could have a channel called or and one called #sci.math or #sci.physics but only channels that start with #alt. or #sci. can be used.

Note: This series of commands replaces the previous NOCHAN commands found in the 2.0x and earlier servers.