Usage: SECURITY AKILL AUTO [on|off|reason|count|window|time] <value>

This section of code will place server autokills (prevent a specific hostmask from connecting to the server) based on the number of flood notices that are received both locally and remotely. Akills will not be placed based on remote flood notices, but they will count toward the placement locally. As an example you can get 6 remote flood notices and the local server will not place an akill but the first time that user floods on your server inside the specified window the user will get an akill placed against them.

COUNT - The number of flood notices the user can accumulate in the set window.
OFF - Disables the auto akill system.
ON - Enables the auto akill system.
REASON - Setting for the akill notice.
TIME - The length of time (in minutes) the auto akill is set for.
WINDOW - The window of time that the user can accumulate flood notices.

/as security akill auto count 4
/as security akill auto off
/as security akill auto on
/as security akill auto reason Repeat flooding
/as security akill auto time 10
/as security akill auto window 2

Carefull consideration should be given to the window and count. You don't want to make it to tight as you'll get people taht were inadvertently flooding, set it to long and you wont catch abusers. Our default settings are 4 flood notices in 2 minutes with a 10 minute akill.