Usage: SECURITY AKILL [<command>] [<mask>] [<reason>]

This command set will be one of the most used security settings for your server. It has the same function as a KLINE but works in a clustered/server to server environment. This will prohibity users from gaining access to your server, or in the case of a multi server environment all the servers on your network by method of matching the mask of the user trying to connect to the server. If the user matches a mask they will be given the reason that you placed in the akill as part of their disconnection notice.

ADD - Adds an akill
AUTO - Automated akills based on flood limits.
DEL - Deletes an akill
LIST - Lists all akills

/as help security akill <topic>

In a single server environment you can also use the SECURITY KLINE command set to do the exact same thing.