This command sets the initial priority level for java news. All news at the set priority or above will be sent to all +n java clients. Then it will be queued for them to see. Newsflashes that arrive before they finish their initial queue will be added to the queue. If set to none there will be no initial send of news and they will only receive newsflashes as they appear.

/as news initial medium

If you want your java clients to receive a large newsfeed, there are two basic ways to set up news for java users. Either you can start them with a large batch of news and keep a high priority for incoming newsflashes, or you can start them with very little initial news and allow newsflashes at a lower priority. The advantage of the first setup is that non-java clients who may find newsflashes more annoying receive fewer of them. However, if you send network newsflashes, they may be queued by newer users who have not yet finished their initial news queue. The advantage to the latter setup is that the users see the news as it happens. You can also set both to a higher priority if you only want important news to get through.