This the list of Messages or Numerics and their associated text. These can be modified to further customize your server or to allow you to convert these to another language.

001 RPL_WELCOME ":Welcome to %s %s"
002 RPL_YOURHOST ":Your host is %s [%s:%u] running %s %s-%s %s"
003 RPL_CREATED ":This server was started on %s Compiled on %s %s"
004 RPL_MYINFO "%s %s %s %s %s"
006 RPL_DOMAIN "%s :%s"
007 RPL_SRVTIME "%s %t :%s"
008 RPL_SESSIONID "%s %d :This is your Session ID and Session Key."
009 RPL_CASEMAP "%s :Current character mapping."
010 RPL_REDIRECT "%s %d :Please connect to %s:%d instead."
011 RPL_AUP "%s :Please read the Acceptable Use Policy."
200 RPL_TRACELINK "Link %s %s %s"
203 RPL_TRACEUNKNOWN "???? %d %s"
204 RPL_TRACEOPERATOR "Operator %d %s"
205 RPL_TRACEUSER "User %d %s"
206 RPL_TRACESERVER "Server %d %dS %dC %s %s!%s@%s"
207 RPL_TRACESERVICE "Service %d %s"
209 RPL_TRACECLASS "Class %d %d"
210 RPL_STATSMEMINFO "%s: %d %d%s"
211 RPL_STATSCR "%c %s"
212 RPL_STATSCOMMANDS "%s %u %u %u"
213 RPL_STATSCLINE "%c %s * %s %d"
214 RPL_STATSNLINE "%c %s * %s %d"
215 RPL_STATSILINE "%c %s * %s %d %d %d"
216 RPL_STATSKLINE "%c %s %s %s %d %d"
217 RPL_STATSOQLINE "%c %s * %s %d %d"
218 RPL_STATSYLINE "%c %d %d %d %d %d"
219 RPL_ENDOFSTATS "%c :End of /STATS report"
221 RPL_UMODEIS "%s"
222 RPL_STATSQLINE "%c %s :%s"
223 RPL_STATSZLINE "%s :%d"
241 RPL_STATSLLINE "%c %s %s %s %s :%d"
242 RPL_STATSUPTIME ":%s started on %s; Up for %d %s %d:%N:%N"
243 RPL_STATSOLINE "%c %s %d %d %s"
244 RPL_STATSHLINE "H %s %d %s %d %d"
245 RPL_STATSSLINE "%c %s * %s %d %d"
246 RPL_STATSTLINE "T %s %d %t %d %d %t"
247 RPL_STATSXLINE "%c %s %d"
248 RPL_STATSPLINE "P %s %u %u %t %t %u :%s"
251 RPL_LUSERCLIENT ":There are %d users and %d invisible on %d servers"
252 RPL_LUSEROP "%d :operator s online"
253 RPL_LUSERUNKNOWN "%d :unknown connection s"
254 RPL_LUSERCHANNELS "%d :channels formed"
255 RPL_LUSERME ":I have %d clients and %d servers"
256 RPL_ADMINME ":Administrative info about %s"
257 RPL_ADMINLOC ":%s"
260 RPL_ADMINNICK "%s :is currently active"
261 RPL_TRACELOG "File %s %d"
265 RPL_LUSERLOCUSERS ":Current local users: %d Max: %d"
266 RPL_LUSERGLOBUSERS ":Current global users: %d Max: %d"
267 RPL_LUSERSERVICES ":Service agents online: %d"
271 RPL_SILENCE ":%s"
272 RPL_ENDOFSILENCE ":End of Silence List"
301 RPL_AWAY "%s :%s"
302 RPL_USERHOST ":%s"
303 RPL_ISON ":%s"
305 RPL_UNAWAY ":You are no longer marked as being away"
306 RPL_NOWAWAY ":You have been marked as being away"
307 RPL_WHOISREGNICK "%s :is a Registered Nick"
308 RPL_WHOISBOT "%s :is a Services Agent"
309 RPL_WHOISLANGUAGE "%s %s :prefers to speak in %s"
310 RPL_WHOISHELPER "%s :looks very helpful"
311 RPL_WHOISUSER "%s %s %s * :%s"
312 RPL_WHOISSERVER "%s %s :%s"
314 RPL_WHOWASUSER "%s %s %s %s :%s"
315 RPL_ENDOFWHO "%s :End of /WHO list."
317 RPL_WHOISIDLE "%s %d %d :seconds idle signon time"
318 RPL_ENDOFWHOIS "%s :End of /WHOIS list."
320 RPL_WHOISPREAUTH "%s :is using a WebBoard account"
321 RPL_LISTSTART "Channel Users :Name"
322 RPL_LIST "%s %d :%s"
323 RPL_LISTEND ":End of /LIST"
325 RPL_WHOISFILTERED "%s :has sensitive ears"
326 RPL_MODERATED "%s :Your message has been sent to the moderators"
327 RPL_WHOISJAVA "%s :is a java user from %s"
328 RPL_WHOISIP "%s :Connects from IP address %s"
330 RPL_CHANURL "%s :%s"
331 RPL_NOTOPIC "%s :No topic is set."
332 RPL_TOPIC "%s :%s"
333 RPL_TOPIC2 "%s %s %t"
334 RPL_WHOISFIELD "%s %s :%s"
335 RPL_CHANPICS "%s :%s"
336 RPL_BEGINLANGLIST ":Beginning language listing"
337 RPL_LANGLIST "%s :%s"
338 RPL_ENDLANGLIST ":End of language listing"
341 RPL_INVITING "%s %s"
342 RPL_SUMMONING "%s :User has been summoned."
343 RPL_NEWSFLASH "NewsFlash: %s"
351 RPL_VERSION "%s.%s %s :%s"
352 RPL_WHOREPLY "%s %s %s %s %s %s :%d %s"
354 RPL_FIELDINTRO "%s %s :Fields"
355 RPL_FIELDDATA "%s %s :%s"
356 RPL_FIELDEND "%s :End"
357 RPL_FIELDCHANGE "%s :%s"
362 RPL_CLOSING "%s %d :Closed"
363 RPL_CLOSEEND "%d: Connections Closed"
364 RPL_LINKS "%s %s :%d%s %s"
365 RPL_ENDOFLINKS "%s :End of /LINKS list."
366 RPL_ENDOFNAMES "%s :End of /NAMES list."
367 RPL_BANLIST "%s %s %s %u"
368 RPL_ENDOFBANLIST "%s :End of Channel Ban List"
371 RPL_INFO ":%s"
372 RPL_MOTD ":- %s"
374 RPL_ENDOFINFO ":End of /INFO list."
375 RPL_MOTDSTART ":- %s Message of the day"
376 RPL_ENDOFMOTD ":- End of message of the day"
377 RPL_MOTDTIME "%s %d %t :Last MOTD change information: %s"
381 RPL_YOUREOPER ":You are now an IRC Operator"
382 RPL_REHASHING "%s :Rehashing"
383 RPL_YOURESERVICE "%s %s %s %t %u :You are now logged in as a service."
385 RPL_NOTOPERANYMORE "%s :Your privileges have been rescinded."
386 RPL_PASSOK "%s %s %t :Password accepted"
391 RPL_TIME "%s :%s"
401 ERR_NOSUCHNICK "%s :No such nick"
402 ERR_NOSUCHSERVER "%s :No such server"
403 ERR_NOSUCHCHANNEL "%s :No such channel"
404 ERR_CANNOTSENDTOCHAN "%s :Cannot send to channel: %s"
405 ERR_TOOMANYCHANNELS "%s :You have joined too many channels."
406 ERR_WASNOSUCHNICK "%s :There was no such nickname."
407 ERR_TOOMANYTARGETS "%s :Your message was not delivered: %s"
408 ERR_NOSUCHSERVICE "%s :That specified service could not be located or invoked."
409 ERR_NOORIGIN ":No origin specified."
410 ERR_NOREGENVOYUSER "%s :No record matching that login ID could be located."
411 ERR_NORECIPIENT "%s :No recipient given."
412 ERR_NOTEXTTOSEND ":No text to send."
413 ERR_NOTOPLEVEL "%s :No top-level domain specified."
414 ERR_WILDTOPLEVEL "%s :Wildcard in top-level domain."
420 ERR_BADPARAM "%s %s :Parameter invalid"
421 ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND "%s :Unknown command."
422 ERR_NOMOTD "%s :MOTD Not present"
423 ERR_NOADMININFO "%s :No administrative info available."
424 ERR_FILEERROR "%s %u :File error %s"
425 ERR_TOOBUSY "%s :Server/connection is too busy. Please try again shortly."
426 ERR_DCCFAILURE "%s %s %s %s :The file could not be sent: %s"
427 ERR_DCCWARNING "%s %s %s %s :Caution: %s"
428 ERR_NOSUCHFIELD "%s :No such field"
430 ERR_ADMINPROHIBIT ":%s: Operation administratively prohibited."
431 ERR_NONICKNAMEGIVEN ":No nickname given."
432 ERR_ERRONEUSNICKNAME "%s :Erroneus Nickname."
433 ERR_NICKNAMEINUSE "%s :Nickname is already in use."
436 ERR_NICKCOLLISION "%s :Nickname collision KILL"
437 ERR_NICKCHANGEBAN "%s :Cannot change your nickname while on that channel."
438 ERR_REPHRASE "%s :Your message contains potentially objectionable content and was not sent. Please rephrase and try sending again."
439 ERR_NOFILTERING "%s :Language filtering may not be controlled that way"
440 ERR_SERVICESDOWN "%s :Services functions are currently unavailable. Please try again later."
441 ERR_USERNOTINCHANNEL "%s %s :They aren't on that channel"
442 ERR_NOTONCHANNEL "%s :You're not on that channel"
443 ERR_USERONCHANNEL "%s %s :is already on channel"
444 ERR_NOLOGIN "%s :User not logged in"
447 ERR_SERVICESDISABLED ":Services functionality is not available on this server."
451 ERR_NOTREGISTERED "%s :You have not registered"
452 ERR_NOTIMPLEMENTED "%s :This command is not implemented."
453 ERR_CENSORED "%s :Your message contains potentially objectionable content and was censored prior to delivery."
455 ERR_HOSTILENAME "Your %s %s is invalid; %s."
457 ERR_YOUAREGUEST "You are a guest and may not speak"
458 ERR_CANTMSGGUEST "%s :Is a guest and may not chat"
459 ERR_PASSFAIL "%s :Password incorrect"
460 ERR_UNREACHABLE "%s %s :%s unreachable through %s"
461 ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS "%s :Not enough parameters"
462 ERR_ALREADYREGISTERED ":You may not reregister"
463 ERR_NOPERMFORHOST ":Your client class prevents you from becoming a server operator."
464 ERR_PASSWDMISMATCH ":Password Incorrect"
465 ERR_YOUREBANNEDCREEP ":You are banned from this server %s"
467 ERR_KEYSET "%s :Channel key already set"
468 ERR_SERVERMODEONLY "%s :Only servers can change that mode"
471 ERR_CHANNELISFULL "%s :Cannot join channel: Occupant limit has been reached."
472 ERR_UNKNOWNMODE "%c :is unknown mode char to me"
473 ERR_INVITEONLYCHAN "%s :Cannot join channel: An invitation is required."
474 ERR_BANNEDFROMCHAN "%s :Cannot join channel: An access list entry prevents you from joining."
475 ERR_BADCHANNELKEY "%s :Cannot join channel: A channel key is necessary."
476 ERR_BADCHANMASK "%s :Bad Channel Mask"
477 ERR_REGNICKREQUIRED "%s :You must identify to a registered nickname before you can join that channel."
478 ERR_TOOMANYBANS "%s %s :Channel ban list is full"
481 ERR_NOPRIVILEGES "%s :Permission Denied: you do not have the required privileges"
482 ERR_CHANOPRIVSNEEDED "%s :You're not channel operator"
483 ERR_CANTKILLSERVER ":You cant kill a server!"
485 ERR_CANTJOIN "%s :Cannot join channel: %s."
491 ERR_NOOPERHOST ":No O-lines for your host"
492 ERR_NOTBUDDY "%s :Is not on your buddy list"
493 ERR_UNWANTEDMSG "%s :does not wish to receive that message"
494 ERR_OWNMODE ":Your own modes prohibit you from sending that"
495 ERR_INSECUREPATH "%s :Cannot send securely: %s"
496 ERR_BADWATCHKEYWORD "%c :That is not a valid watch command."
502 ERR_USERSDONTMATCH "%s %s :Cannot use that command on other users."
503 ERR_MODELESS "%s :The channel is modeless"
505 ERR_CHANNOTREGISTERED ":May not set mode %c on channel %s. Must be registered on your server."
511 ERR_SILELISTFULL "%s :Your silence list is full."
512 ERR_TOOMANYWATCH "%s :Maximum size for a WATCH list is 256 entries."
513 ERR_NICKCONFLICT ":Authorization is required to use the registered nickname %s"
600 RPL_LOGON "%s %s %s %d :logged online"
601 RPL_LOGOFF "%s %s %s %d :logged offline"
602 RPL_WATCHOFF "%s %s %s %d :stopped watching"
603 RPL_WATCHSTAT ":You have %d and are on %d WATCH entries"
604 RPL_NOWON "%s %s %s %d :is online or present"
605 RPL_NOWOFF "%s %s %s %d :is offline or empty"
608 RPL_BUDDYON "%s %s %s %s %s :%s"
609 RPL_BUDDYOFF "%s :Buddy offline"
730 ENVYRPL_MODE "%d %s"
731 ENVYRPL_MSG "%s %d %c %d :%s"
734 ENVYRPL_CHATOK ":Chat okay"
735 ENVYRPL_PROHIBITED ":Prohibited: %s"
736 ENVYRPL_ENDOFMESSAGES ":No more messages"
737 ENVYRPL_DELETED ":Deleted: %s"
738 ENVYRPL_MESSAGES ":Available: %s"
750 STREAM_NOWAUTH "%s %d :Now authorized for streams"
751 STREAM_UNAUTH "%s :No longer authorized for streams"
752 STREAM_AVAIL "%s :A stream is available"
753 STREAM_JOIN "%s %s :You may join the stream"
754 STREAM_PART "%s :You are no longer allowed on this stream"
755 STREAM_FEED "%s %s :May feed the stream"
756 STREAM_QUIET "%s %s :Stop feeding the stream"
757 STREAM_INFO "%s %d :Members on stream"
758 STREAM_MEMBER "%s %s :Is on the stream"
759 STREAM_ENDINFO "%s %s :End of list"
760 STREAM_ERROR "%d :%s"
779 RPL_EXTERNAL ":%s"
781 RPL_CLONECREATE "%s %s :Clone created"
782 RPL_CLONEDESTROY "%s %s :Clone destroyed"
783 RPL_CLONEMERGE "%s %s %s :Clones merged"
784 RPL_CLONEJOIN "%s %s :Clone joined"
785 RPL_CLONEPART "%s %s :Clone parted"
800 IRCXRPL_IRCX "%d %d %s %d %s"
801 IRCXRPL_ACCADD "%s %d %s %d %s :%s"
802 IRCXRPL_ACCDEL "%s %d %s"
803 IRCXRPL_ACCSTART "%s %s :Beggining of access list"
804 IRCXRPL_ACCENTRY "%s %d %s %d %s :%s"
805 IRCXRPL_ACCEND "%s %s :End of access list"
808 IRCXRPL_EVENTSTART ":Beginning of event list"
810 IRCXRPL_EVENTEND ":End of event list"
811 IRCXRPL_LISTXSTART ":Beginning of channel listing"
812 IRCXRPL_LISTX "%s %s %d %d :%s"
816 IRCXRPL_LISTXTRUNC ":End of channel listing. Results have been truncated"
817 IRCXRPL_LISTXEND ":End of channel listing"
818 IRCXRPL_PROPLIST "%s %s :%s"
819 IRCXRPL_PROPEND "%s :End of properties listing"
820 IRCXRPL_PROPSET "%s %s :%s"
900 IRCXERR_BADCOMMAND "%s :Bad command"
901 IRCXERR_TOOMANYARGS "%s :Too many arguments"
902 IRCXERR_BADFUNCTION "%s :Bad function"
903 IRCXERR_BADLEVEL "%s :Bad level"
904 IRCXERR_BADTAG "%s :Bad message tag"
905 IRCXERR_BADPROPERTY "%s %s :Bad property specified"
906 IRCXERR_BADVALUE "%s :Bad value specified"
907 IRCXERR_NORESOURCES "%s :Not enough resources available."
908 IRCXERR_SECURITY "%s :No permissions to %s."
909 IRCXERR_AUTHALREADY "%s :Already authenticated."
910 IRCXERR_AUTHFAILED "%s :Authentication failed."
911 IRCXERR_AUTHSUSPENDED "%s :Authentication suspended for your IP."
912 IRCXERR_UNKNOWNPKG "%s :Unsupported authentication package."
913 IRCXERR_NOACCESS "%s %s :No access."
914 IRCXERR_DUPACCESS "%s %s :Duplicate access entry."
915 IRCXERR_MISACCESS "%s %s :Unknown access entry."
916 IRCXERR_ACCESSFULL "%s %s :The specified access list is full."
918 IRCXERR_EVENTDUP "%s :Duplicate event entry."
919 IRCXERR_EVENTMIS "%s :Unknown event entry."
920 IRCXERR_NOEVENT "%s :No such event type."
921 IRCXERR_TOOMANYEVENTS "%s :The event table is full."
923 IRCXERR_NOWHISPER "%s :Does not permit whispers."
924 IRCXERR_NOSUCHOBJECT "%s :No such object found."
925 IRCXERR_NOTSUPPORTED "%s %s :Command not supported by object."
926 IRCXERR_CHANNELEXISTS "%s :Channel already exists."
927 IRCXERR_ALREADYONCHAN "%s %s :Already in the channel."
928 IRCXERR_READONLYPROP "%s %s :That property is read-only and cannot be modified."
929 IRCXERR_PROPNOTIMPL "%s %s :That object does not implement that property."
930 IRCXERR_PROPSECGET "%s %s :You do not have access to query this property."
931 IRCXERR_PROPSECSET "%s %s :You do not have access to modify this property."
932 IRCXERR_BADVALUEX "%s %s :Bad value specified: %s"
999 IRCXERR_UNKNOWNERROR ":Unknown error: %s"
785 RPL_CLONEPART "%s %s :Clone parted"