Usage: GENERAL SET PORTS <port numbers>

This command designates the port(s) to be allocated for users to connect to the server. The default port, as is usually the case for chat networks, is set for 6667. To specify multiple ports, separate them by commas (i.e. 6667,7000). To specify a range of ports, use a dash to indicate the beginning and ending ports (i.e. 7000-7020).

Note that you can mix these specifications (i.e. 6667, 7000- 7020 accepts connections on port 6667 and port 7000 through 7020). The first port used in this field will designate which port the web-based clients connect on. This can be important when you are trying to let sites connect that firewall the standard chat ports. ConferenceRoom comes defined with 7000, 6667. This means that java client will connect on port 7000. IP Binding: It is possible to bind IPs together, here is an example:

/as general set ports 4300,7300:,6667:,7325:

/as general set ports 7000,6660-6669
/as general set ports 4535,7777:,6667-6669

If possible you should allow clients to connect on 7000 and 6667 since many users expect to be able to use those ports. 8000 is a good port for the web server, and the default.