Usage: GENERAL SET <command> [<value>]

Sets specific information such as your server's name, description and contact information.

ANNOUNCE - Announce that you can take overflow users.
AUP - Set an Acceptible Use Policy URL.
CONTACT - Set the administrator's contact information.
DESCRIPTION - Set the description for the server.
DNS - Turn on or off DNS resolution.
DOMAIN - Report to the domain controller.
DOMAINKEY - Sets the Domain Key
ECHO - Server side text echo.
HEAPMIN - Heap Minimization
HOST - Set the hostname for the server.
HUB - Set the server as a hub.
KEY - Enter a ConferenceRoom License Key.
LEAF - Set the server as a leaf.
LIMIT - Limit the number of users that can log on.
LISTENQUEUEDEPTH - This sets the depth of the listen queue for chat sockets.
LOGROTATE - Rotate logs every day.
NAME - Set the server name.
NETWORK - The single word name for your chat server.
OPERHOST - Set the domain (spoofed) for all Operators.
POOLBLOCKSIZE - Sets the size (in bytes) of each block in the server's emergency memory pool.
POOLCOUNT - Sets the number of blocks in the server's emergency memory pool.
PORTS - Set the ports that clients can use to connect.
REDIRECT ON SHUTDOWN - Send users to another server when unavailable.
SECURENETWORK - Sets an Encryption only network.
SECUREONLY - Sets a server to only accept encrypted sessions both client and server.
SHORTNAME - Sets the server or network shortname.
SMARTLIST - Unifies Master/Slave channel reporting in /list to a single channel and user count.
TIMESTAMP - Adds a timestamp to all messages.

/as help general set <command>

It is a good idea to go through all of the general settings before opening your server for use.