Usage: GENERAL PLOG <command> [<parameters>]

Personal Logging (PLog) is a feature that allows users to create a log of their user and channel messages, once enabled the logging will remain enabled for the entire session regardles of how long that is. As the log file grows in length and hits the maximum size a new file will be created and the older files emailed to the address in the email user property.

All log files are encrypted and signed with the servers certificate and it takes a special tool to view them. The servers signature is a method you can use to validate the chat session to insure that the text has not been modified or altered. This method should meet all court requirements (check your local jurisdiction for specific rules). You can check for availability of that tool. Also crws can view Personal Log files.

When you check the status of your session you can go to and view the file in progress. PLog files are not in real time and may lag your conversation by several minutes.

DISABLE - Turns of Personal Logging.
ENABLE - Enables Personal Logging.
SET - Sets specific features.

/as general plog enable