Usage: GENERAL MJOIN [<on>|<off>|<default>|<min>|<max>|<limit>|<modes>|<bot>]

Defines the use of the MJOIN command. When a user mjoins a channel a bot is placed in a master channel and the user is joined to sub channels. The bot will set the modes, limit, max and min as set using the commands listed below. When the last user leaves the sub channel the entire channel will disappear. It acts like join but using the Auditorium Rows logic.

BOT - Define which bot will manage the mjoined channels.
DEFAULT - Uses the mjoin command for all join commands.
LIMIT - Sets the Rows User Limit.
MAX - Sets the Rows User Maximum.
MIN - Sets the Rows User Minimum.
MODES - Set the default channel modes.
OFF - Turns off the mjoin capability.
ON - Enable mjoin capability.

/as help general mjoin <command> <setting>

MJOIN acts like join with the exception that users are automatically joining channels that use the auditorium system. This is handy when you do not want channel sizes to get to large on your server, or you have specific needs to keep your channels at certain user numbers. This uses the auditorium rows feature which allows you to send messages in a master channel that go to all sub-channels.