Usage: FILTER MAP <char> STOP|SELF|ORIG <char>

ORIG - Map the character back to its default mapping
SELF - Map character to itself
STOP - Create a stop character

This will cause a character to be mapped as a letter before checking for profanity. You can do: /as filter map '3' self Which causes '3' to map to itself. /as filter map '3' stop causes '3' to be a stop character. /as filter map '3' orig Causes '3' to restore its original (default) mapping. The use of the number 3, for example, could map to the letter e so if someone says l33t and leet is on your list of prohibited word it would prevent the word from showing.

/as help filter map <topic>

Mapping can prevent the most common forms of profanity that include common substitutions.of numbers for various letters. But you can customize it for whatever you find yourself having problems with.