Usage: FIELD <field> SET <command> on|off

The set commands are used to configure a field. A field is an area where customized information may be displayed. Additional fields allow users to display more information either publicly or only so that opers may see it.

BUDDY - Field value is sent to anyone that is currently online and on your buddy list.
LIMIT - Sets the maximum amount of text that can be set in any field.
ONCHANGE - Field value is sent if changed when two people share a room.
ONJOIN - Field value is sent when two people first share a room.
ONCE - Value may only be set one time, may not be changed.
OPER - Only opers can set/view it.
PRIVATE - Other users cannot see your value.
REMOTE - Value is propagated over the network (otherwise it is local only).
TYPE - Sets the type of data for a specific field.
WATCH - People WATCHing you can see this field if it changes.
WHOIS - Value shows in a WHOIS.

/as help field set <command>

ConferenceRoom offers the unique ability to create custom fields or modify fields that users have online. This allows you to extend the information to include either public or private fields that can be used for anything from suppport problems to general information that you want others to view.

Multiple field settings can work together. Each setting defines some aspect of how a field works. For example, you can set both onjoin and onchange on. Then people will see changes when either criterion is met.