Usage: EVENT <profile> SET TIME [START|END] [<timespec>]

This command sets the start and end times of the event in question. The timespec is an arbitrarily precise date and time specification. It follows the format "[<day of week>] [<month>] [<day>] [[, ]<year>] [<time>]". Unspecified portions of the timespec will default to the current date and time. Time can be specified in either 24-hour format (i.e., "19:00") or am/pm format (i.e., "7:00 pm"). The day of the week and month can be abbreviated by specifying only the first three letters thereof. Days of the month beyond the end of the month specified will wrap into the next month (i.e., "Nov 31" becomes "Dec 01"). The year can be separated from the rest of the date by an optional comma, which has no effect (i.e., "Jan 01, 2001" and "Jan 01 2001" are equivalent). An empty timespec will clear that time point.

/as event open set time start Mon Jan 01, 2001 00:00
/as event open set time start January 01 2001 12:00 am
/as event open set time start Monday
/as event open set time start 00:00
/as event open set time end Monday January 01, 2001 01:00

Note that en event will not run unless you specify at least one time and that nothing will happen when it runs unless you associate a script with that end point by using EVENT SET SCRIPT.