Usage: CLIENT <class> SET <command> [value]

Set specific options for your client profile.

ALTWELCOME - Alternative welcome message.
CHAN - Set a client class default channel.
CHANLOCK - Locks matching users to a specific channel zone.
FLOOD - Set client class flood options.
HOSTOVERRIDE - Define hosts that can bypass CHANLOCK.
LANG - Sets the default language set for that class.
LIMIT - Max Users in class.
LUSERS - Show lusers on connect.
MODE - Set the default modes for users.
MODELOCK - Same as MODE but locks the defaults.
MOTD - Show the motd on connect.
MULTI - Allow more than one user per host.
PASSWORD - Require a password to log on.
PING - Ping Time.
RESTRICTED - Only allow java clients to log onto the server.

/as help client set <command>