Usage: CHAN <room> GREETING <command> [<value>]

This command allows you to make a welcoming message for users as they enter the room. The way you configure a greeting message is the same way you make your MOTD or create scripts. The del function will delete a specific line; use the list function to find out which line you wish to delete. The message will be delivered by whichever server bot is managing the room.

APPEND - Add a line to a greeting.
DEL - Delete a greeting line.
ERASE - Erase your entire greeting message.
INSERT - Insert a line above the line mentioned.
LIST - List the greeting.

/as help chan greeting <command>

It is generally a good idea not to let the greeting become too large, since it will be sent to someone every time they enter. If they enter often or if the server they are on splits and then rejoins, they will be sent it multiple times, and long messages become annoying. There is no way to enter the room and avoid the message. Use it for important information or for a short greeting.