Usage: BOT <botname> SET <command> <value>

The set command for bot allows you to configure additional settings for your bot such as the userid, the hostname, the realname, and the password. This information, except for the password, will appear in the /whois botname. Note: the password you set for a bot allows you to identify to this bot and thus gain access to any rooms the bot manages.

ADMINPASS - Sets a Zone Password.
FIELD - Set an optional field for a bot.
HOST - Set the hostname for the bot.
PASSWORD - Set the password for the bot.
REALNAME - Set the real name displayed for the bot.
USER - Set the userid for the bot.

/as help bot set <command>

Except for the password, these settings are aesthetic. They do not change the way the bot behaves, but they change what the user sees when the bot is whois'd.