Usage: MSG <botname> QUEUE

ADD - Creates a queue if it doesn't exist.
APPROVE - Send selected message(s).
DEL - Deletes a queue.
EDIT - Replace/modify a message.
IDENTIFY - Obtain access to queue.
LIST - Shows the contents of a queue.
REMOVE - Remove selected message(s).
SET - Set the password or destination of a queue.
SHOW - Shows selected message(s).

Queue is the command set used to control multi level moderation and bot queues. This system is meant and designed to work with the EventWizard.

Queue when used by itself will list all queues available in the bot.

/as help bot commands queue <topic>

A 'selector' selects one or more messages. It can be '1', '1,2,3' or '1-3,4-5' or similar.