Usage: MSG <botname> <command> <value>

These are the commands that the bot can execute. They are issued by sending the command directly to the bot. The server bot can invite you into a room that it manages and can give you op status in that room. You must first identify to the server bot with its password. There are two ways to identify to a server bot, the first is to identify to the bot itself which will give you access to all the rooms the bot is in. The second way is to identify for a specific room, which will only give access to that room.

IDENTIFY - Identify to a server bot so it can recognize you.
INVITE - Have the server bot invite you into a room it is in.
LINE - Channel Line Management.
OP - Have the server bot give you op status in a room it is in.
QUEUE - Event message queue system for multi level event moderation. Enterprise Edition only.

/as help bot commands <command>

If you identify to the bot then you do not need to use the password when issuing further invite or op commands. If you do not identify then include the password in those commands. If you identified for one room but want to be opped or invited into another room then include the password or identify for that room.