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WebMaster provides two different product lines, the first is a high performance communication or transaction system that encompass ConferenceRoom; the second is a file system product line including CryptoFS, DriveShare and Reflections which provides security in transport, cryptogrpahy in storage, secure remote access and real time mirroring.

FastDriveShare allows you to securely share your files and to collaborate with others on their shared files, regardless of your location or the device you are using at the time. This allows for enterprise file sharing over the Internet without requiring cumbersome tunnels or complicated setup. DriveShare makes accessing files on a remote system (either on the local LAN or across the Internet) easy and simple, providing enhanced security and easy configuration. Now sharing files is as easy as sending an email.

DriveShare is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS/X and Linux (x86 and x86-64). An app for the iPhone and iPad is available on the App Store.

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ConferenceRoom is a browser-enabled Chat/Conferencing/Messaging server application that allows companies to interact with clients or staff, dissolving geographical barriers, customer support without the aggravating wait, sales worldwide without expensive international offices, product development when the team is spread out geographically, perfect for applications like distance learning or helpdesks. Whenever and wherever people need to work together... or when people just want to chat .
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