Port Binding

You can bind ConferenceRoom to a single IP address if the system it's running on has multiple addresses. This process is called port binding whereby the application will only answer to a specified port on a specified address.
The first port has to be unique to that instance of CR. The rest of the ports can be bound:

Using AdminServ:

/as general set ports 7001,7000:,6666-6669:

For the web server it would look like:

/as web port 8000:

Just replace the with your own IP address.

Using web based administration:

In the web based admin just put in the ports and IPs themselves. Do not put in the /as general set ports in the port area:


The same rule should be used in the web section fo the web based administration.

Using the windows configuration tool:

In the Windows configuration tool you would click on General, Advanced, Ports and there is a place to enter in the IP address to bind to that port.