ntas and unixas utility

This is a beta console application that allows you to 'squirt' as commands into a running server. It sends 'normal' output to stdout and 'error' output to stderr. It can be used two ways:


Which accepts input from the keyboard, terminated with a control-C, for interactive use (or for pipes), and:

ntas filename

Which accepts input from a file, terminated with an end-of-file. The file may contain comments preceded by a '#'. Blank lines may generate spurious errors to stderr. The filename may not contain spaces.

The commands should not begin with 'as'. They should begin with the command category, for example 'general', 'services', 'web', and so on.

Please let us know if you have any problems with this tool. Also, any suggestions for future enhancements would be valuable.

The example above is using ntas, you can use unixas in the exact same fashion.