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November, 2009


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It has been quite some time since our last news letter -- almost three years. During that time we haven't been relaxing, but rather we have laid the groundwork for some new product technologies that we're now just rolling out. So bear with this long newsletter as we have so much ground to cover.

Our new software will enable our customers to share files, implement practical, safe and secure backup and directory replication, and also to have a secure, platform-independent cryptographic file system. And once you've used the software, we are sure you will agree that it will change how you think about file sharing, backup and encryption.



DriveShare is exactly what the name implies, a product that allows you to securely share directories on your hard drive with others. You can have your documents directory at home available to you at work as a drive letter or shortcut, making it easy to edit and print documents in either location. Or you can share your pictures directory with family and your music directory with friends. But, perhaps most exciting is how DriveShare transforms your Internet-enabled cell phone to a full-fledged file browser for your files, and makes USB memory sticks or portable hard drives irrelevant.

Whether you're at home or on the go, DriveShare gives you easy and secure access to your files through a built in web server, and it works even if you are behind a NAT firewall by fully integrating with our Rendezvous web service.

DriveShare, when used with Rendezvous, will give you access to 10MB of storage space on our servers using your community nickname, and Rendezvous will enable a 30-day, two connection trial for the server. This should allow you and an associate to try the product and see all the benefits that true file sharing gives you. You can, of course, just use the community web server which is available to all of our community users. DriveShare does not require any license to connect to the community file server.

Currently there are versions of DriveShare available for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux with Mac OSX due to be released in about a month.

Unlike other specialized file-sharing software, DriveShare is designed for everyone and it's available at a price that everybody can afford -- $49.00.

For more information about DriveShare please see the DriveShare product page: http://www.webmaster.com/driveshare.htm


DriveShare is not the only product we focused on. We also focused on releasing an update to the very successful ConferenceRoom 3.5 release. Now at version 4.0, ConferenceRoom still offers unmatched reliability, performance and ease of use. Important upgrades include:


Improved Proxy Checking: Proxy checking speed has been improved. Also, some situations that could cause the proxy scanner to malfunction have been fixed.

Integrated Flash Policy Support: Adobe introduced support for Flash Policies which could cause the ConferenceRoom Flash-based chat applet to fail to connect to ConferenceRoom. The 4.0 release of ConferenceRoom includes fully-integrated support for serving appropriate Flash policy files to the chat applet.

Secure Port Overload: ConferenceRoom has supported SSL/TLS encryption to ensure that communications between a client and the server cannot be intercepted. With previous versions of ConferenceRoom, a separate, dedicated port had to be used for secure connections. With ConferenceRoom 4.0, your server can be configured to accept unencrypted and encrypted connections on the same port.

The 4.0 release of ConferenceRoom will be made available free of change for users of ConferenceRoom 3.0 and above.

Finally, the 4.0 release of ConferenceRoom will only be available for Windows, Linux and OSX. We are deprecating the FreeBSD and Solaris builds and those will no longer be supported. Make sure to try 4.0 prior to asking for support assistance on ConferenceRoom as we will only be support this version.


We are really excited to be introducing DriveShare. It's a technology that we have been using internally for over two years to do just about everything related with file sharing and file management, from collaborating on documents and source code, to managing our websites, to playing MP3s and movies on our mobile media devices. We know from personal experience that with DriveShare, once you start using it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

We would also like to take a moment to thank our community users who have spent many hours testing and using the product. Without these people, their feedback and their intense dedication and patience, we could not have produced such a robust and capable product.

To prepare for the new product releases and community services we will be provided, we have invested heavily on our infrastructure and completely revamped our server facility. This isn't the first time we have done that. When we first started the company, we needed a room full of large, unwieldy server machines. Over time, we upgraded to newly available "slim" servers, which took up just a fraction of the space of the older behemoths. Now, we have upgraded again, to blade-based solutions, which will allow us make much more efficient use of our network center and offer many more exciting services. One such feature, that is available now is Rendezvous.



With Rendezvous, WebMaster helps solve the issue of dynamic IPs and restrictive firewalls without requiring complicated network setup procedures or employing workarounds. And, best of all, using Rendezvous is simple.

You just register at WebMaster for the service and enter your email address and password on the server and client. The server will automatically detect when you need assistance to make a connection, and use Rendezvous to establish the connection.

For DriveShare, this means that you can view and access shares on a system whose IP you do not remember, or which is behind a firewall and cannot accept incoming connections.

You don't even need to be on a computer that's actually using DriveShare. After you enable Rendezvous support in DriveShare, you can simply use any browser to go to http://rv.webmaster.com and you just have to log in with your email address and password to be presented with a list of all DriveShare servers that are making shares available to you.

With DriveShare and Rendezvous you are, literally, a few mouse clicks away from your files. You can get to your data from anywhere, at anytime, and from any browser. With DriveShare and Rendezvous you can get at your data on your terms.


Chat was and continues to be in our DNA: we have a very long history in the chat market, being the oldest company on the Internet that provides chat servers. At the core of this, has been our own chat network, on which the stable and high-performance servers that we offer today were built and tested. The chat network is run by a very dedicated group of volunteers who work hard to make your chat experience the best it can be.

You can chat online by pointing your browser to http://chat.webmaster.com/. If you have registered for a Community account, you can your username and password, otherwise you can chat as a guest.


We also have a full set of forums available to our users to complement the real-time time chat. On the forums you can discuss just about anything and interact with some very opinionated people that enjoy nothing more than a spirited discussion.

Additionally, you can get online support for all your WebMaster products by browsing through the support forums.

Go to http://forums.webmaster.com/ to access the Community Forums from any web browser and log on with your community account to start using the forums today.


Your community account also gives you access to the blog section of our site, giving you a free and easy platform for sharing your thoughts with your friends and family or with the world at large.

Just go to http://blogs.webmaster.com and get your own blog started.


The users site is available to everyone who registers for a free community account and allocates 10MB of disk space to be used in any way you want. You can use DriveShare to manage files, and view them through any regular web browser. If you use the free blog available to you, then you can host images, music or other content that you want to post on your blog on the users site.

Extra space will soon be available for a small fee.


You can easily manage all your WebMaster Community settings from by pointing your browser at http://community.webmaster.com/userdb site. You can log in using the e-mail address you used when you created your community account or the nickname you have selected.

This new centralized control panel for settings makes it easier to configure your account exactly how you want to with point-and-click ease.



Ever wished that your data could be in more than one place at one time? That you wouldn't have to worry about updating your remote backups manually? That you had all the benefits of a backup system but the convenience that comes with your data being accessible at more than one location - and better yet, if you change it at one location it will update all the others, no matter how many there are? Reflections allows you to mirror or copy your data from one system to another or several systems almost instantly.

With Reflections, you can create and maintain identical copies of your data on one or more remote computers regardless of whether it's on your local LAN or across the Internet. Reflections uses the proven and secure transport mechanism of DriveShare to connect the computers together. So you can have your data duplicated at your office, a friend's house or your vacation home.

WebMaster will also shortly be providing offsite backup services, giving you 10GB of data storage on our high-capacity, high-performance RAID servers. So you can reflect your User directory to your office or another system or have it reflect (copy) to WebMaster's servers.

For more information please visit the Reflections product page at: http://www.webmaster.com/reflections.htm


CryptoFS is a product that gives you the benefits and security of a file encryption system with all the benefits of a full disk encryption system. Just enter your password and your selected partition/disk will mount onto your system. This lets you use all the operating system tools to interact with your encrypted files without losing security. CryptoFS is simple to use and, better yet, platform-independent and completely portable. If you get a new computer simply copy your CFS files to the other system and you'll be on your way.

CryptoFS (CFS) is a cryptographically-secure and portable filesystem designed from the ground up to meet stringent United States Federal standards. CFS is essentially a file system that stores file data and structural data in a secure database. The filesystem is presented to the operating system using the operating system's native file-sharing capabilities, essentially creating a network inside your computer.

The operating system can mount a CFS filesystem in much the same way as it would mount a filesystem on a LAN, seeing the CFS filesystem as if it was a Common Internet File System (CIFS). All operations that the operating system can normally perform on CIFS can be performed on CFS.

For more information please visit the CryptoFS product page at: http://www.webmaster.com/cryptofs.htm



Create Groups of users by going to the Users and Groups area in DriveShare. You can create groups that contain almost any type of user. Friend, Work or Family: This is a very easy way to manage access to your shares.


SSL/TLS stands for Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security. This basically means the data passing between you and the server is encrypted. This is very similar to going to a secure website (https://) -- where you see the lock icon appear in the status bar.

This feature allows you to pass encrypted data between you the server, making it more secure. Eventually encryption will most likely be required to use operator commands for added security.

Here are the instructions to setup SSL for mIRC (version 6.14), a very popular IRC client:


1) You will first need to download and install some files before attempting to use SSL on mIRC. Here is the latest windows version: http://www.shininglightpro.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html
2) After installing that, you will need to run mIRC (or restart it if you already had it running).
3) Go to the options in mIRC and edit the server profile you used to connect and change the port to: "+994" - Exactly like that. It must have the + before the 994 to work.
4) Click connect, a security alert will popup explaining about the certificate file. This is OK, simply click "Always accept this certificate" and then click Accept and you will not see it again.
5) /whois yourself after connecting and you should see YourNick Encrypt 128 in the status window.


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