Here is the manual way of doing the moderated events. On the Enterprise edition you have an optional panel called the EventWizard which sets up the channel, users and bots all at one click of a button and you do not need to use cut and paste options as it uses question queues and a specific GUI for handling the events. If you're planning on using simple moderation, you will be using cut and paste and will need to use an IRC Client such as mIRC which you'll be able to find on More information on question queus and the EventWizard are covered in the advanced moderation section.
These are the steps to create a moderated channel or run large scale events.

The moderators currently should use an IRC client rather than the Java client.

Step 1:

You will need to Oper yourself using the oper command

/oper admin password

Those are the defaults substitute the oper name and password if you changed them when you first installed ConferenceRoom on your server.

Step 2:

You need to now select the channels that will be running the moderated event and the channel that the operators will scan questions from.


All users and opers should go in the channel #live-chat, All opers should also be in the channel #live-scan

Step 3:

Moderation settings:

/join #live-chat
/samode #live-chat +o yournickname
/mode #live-chat +tnmcdAM #live-scan

Note that the mode +A is an Enterprise only feature.

/join #live-scan
/samode #live-scan +o yournickname
/mode #live-scan +snN #live-chat

The moderators/operators should be opped in both channels the regular users will be in #live-chat anything they say in that channel will be forwarded to #live-scan You can then select the questions you want to answer from #live-scan and paste them back in #live-chat.

In the Enterprise Edition you would use the EventWizard and message queues. Basically questions are sent to queues that can be managed by a special client that we provide. This client allows you to read, edit or forward a question. The forwarded question can be to a channel as yourself, a channel as one of many 'fake' users that you have in the channel or to another message queue for multi level moderation.

In this way you can use many people as moderators, or you can use one person but make it seem as though they're five people.