User/Password IRC Protection

The Enterprise Edition of ConferenceRoom supports a list of users and passwords that limit access to the server as of version 1.7.5b.
An external program must supply the pairs of user names and passwords. The username and password should be separated by either a comma or a space (but not both). Each username/password pair should end with a line break.

When the external program wants to supply ConferenceRoom with a new list of username/password pairs, it should rename the file containing that list to in the db directory. The file should be renamed, not generated in place. Otherwise, the IRC server cannot know when the file is complete and will read partial files, causing users to be locked out and CPU time to be wasted. The server will assimilate the new list of username/passwords within about two minutes.

The server will suck in the file and delete it. If you wish to change the list of username/password pairs, simply rename a new list to and the server will update its list shortly.

To use the list, configure a client class with a password of *. This will cause the client class to only be matched if the username and password supplied by the client match an entry in the username/password list. If all of your client classes have a * for the password, all users must have a user/pass pair to get in.

Since the username cannot be changed, you will now have absolute traceability of your chat clients. Simply note their username, and you will know which username/password pair they used, and thus who they are.