Event Wizard

The purpose of the EventWizard is to facilitate moderated event management and setups for the Moderators and Administrators.

The EventWizard feature is part of the Enterprise edition only. If you use the manual method of cut and paste for a moderated chat, you will love this panel as everything is automated. Keep in mind that you cannot copy or cut from the JAVA applet, which is one of the reasons why the EventWizard was created.

Prior to loading the panel, if you normally use an IRC client to do moderated chat events, you should make sure your Oline hostmask will allow you to /oper yourself via the applet. If you do not have a hostmask for the JAVA applet, you can add one via the WebAdministration panel, the configuration utility (Win32 only) or manually via /as oper nickname access add jav*@your-host , you must have Administrative flags to add a hostmask on an oline.

Once this is done you can bring up the EventWizard panel by typing /load EventWizard in the input text area of the Applet.

Once the EventWizard is loaded. The Welcome panel will appear, each panel section has explainations on how to use each section and what to input in the blank fields. Simply follow the instructions and you shouldn't have any difficulties.

From this panel, click on the next button for instructions. You always have the option to click on the back button if you made a mistake on the previous panel.

As you can see in this panel you need to enter your operator name and password. This is the same information you use when you /oper name password. If the password is accepted the Next button will no longer be greyed out and the wizard will have accepted your login and password. So you will simply click on next. You are now an IRCoperator via the EventWizard.

The following panel is where you select if you want to be a speaker (eventhost) or a filtering queue agent.

Most likely you'll want to be a speaker, a speaker can scan through the questions select the ones to be displayed in the moderated chat, and answer those questions.

A filtering agent does not have that option, he or she will simply scan through the questions and forward the "good" questions to the next queue or to the speaker to be displayed.

The next actions will be selecting the channel to be moderated and the bot (server agent's) nickname to use. Once these are selected the channel modes for the moderation will be enabled, you will now be added as a channel op (@nickname) in the moderated channel, and the bot (server agent) will join the channel.

The only time you would select Join an existing event is if you have created the event previously, you were disconnected or you left the chat and you want to come back to the same queue and event.

Putting a checkmark in the Use multiple queues is only if you do large scale events, if you have under 100 users 1 single person can handle the event by themselves. As a speaker you should always select to monitor the room. The 2 other options depend on the current settings of your server and the type of event you'll run.

When you will click next here you will see the OpPanel coming up. The OpPanel allows you to manage the channel, such as kicking and banning users, managing the ban list etc.

In the above panel you will enter the channel you want to run the moderated chat in and you will also enter the server agent's name (bot). The only time you will not enter the bot's name in the second field is when you selected in the previous panel to join an existing chat event.

Click on the next button here you will be asked to select the queues to use.

You can skip this section if the destination of the queued messages is not a server agent (bot). You would right away click on the next button. Otherwise select your destination by highlighting the name and then clicking on next. If you do not see the channel name, which is more than likely to be the final destination of your messages, you can add the destination via this panel.

Here you will select the queue to be watching and managing. For example if my Event channel name is called #EventWizard and my bot is called EventBot I will highlight EventBot and then highlight the channel so I can then watch that queue.

Now your event is setup the channel modes are now set to moderate the bot is in place and you're ready to start taking in questions … Good luck!!!

Now you will see your queue panel where you can speak as yourself or as a guest speaker, where you can scan questions and edit them as well as answer those questions.

The top portion of the panel, is the content of the channel so since it's moderated only the text coming from channel ops or bots or anyone with voice mode would be displayed in the channel. The second portion of the panel is where the queued questions are stored. As you can see there is a colored gauge above it. The colors go from green -> yellow -> orange -> red. When the color is orange it means that you should start considering deleting some older queued messages, as the queue is getting smaller and you need to make some space. So deleted older messages you do not want to keep, to make place for new text.

When you select a question you simply highlight it in the second portion of the panel. As you can see the questions are all numbered and they show as well who in the channel asked the question. The selected question will then be displayed in the 3rd portion of the panel where you can either edit it or correct spelling mistakes before you select on the above pull down menu to forward the question to the channel.

If we assume that you are both the speaker (host) and the typist or guest you may want to make use of the bottom portion of the panel. If you select your question in the queue and you type in your answer in the bottom portion you can then put a checkmark in the delay answer portion and it will appear as if someone asked a question and the guest was typing in the reply which is displayed a few seconds later.

You can always speak as yourself or as a bot. For example let's assume you're intervewing a movie star, but in reality he/she is on the telephone with you and telling you what to answer to the questions you're giving him/her. In the original settings of the event you could create a bot server agent with that movie star's name and make it appear as if that person is really typing for themselves.

This is what the end user in the channel see's throughout the chat.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the EventWizard feel free to contact support@webmaster.com