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DriveShare has so many uses that once you get used to it you will always wonder what you did without it. Below are a few examples of how DriveShare can make your life easier, solve problems and provide you with new capabilities. DriveShare is a phenomenal insurance policy for data accessibility. Isn't the new Internet supposed to be about your data, accessible to you anytime from anywhere?


  • It is 5 minutes before that very important meeting and your laptop won't boot. Your presentation is ruined unless you have DriveShare. Easily access the copy of your presentation at your work computer.
  • Do you work at home, and don't have all the files you need with you? With DriveShare you simply log into your server from work or mobile device and download or have it emailed to you or your customer.


  • Have that perfect recipe on your computer that you just have to share? With DriveShare you can quickly have your system at home e-mail it, using any computer or mobile phone.
  • Why upload your pictures on a website that may go away at any moment, taking your pictures with it? DriveShare easily lets you share your family pictures and videos with friends and relatives without the work of having to maintain a website and does not require you to upload your pictures anywhere.
  • Ever have your children forget their homework and have to drive it to their school?  Now you, or your child, can remotely log on from a mobile phone or a school computer and command DriveShare to put it up on a website where it can be downloaded and printed.


  • Started that great American rock band and want to share your new mp3? Now you can make it available to friends and fans via the web, on computers and smart phones, with a few simple clicks.
  • Show them your latest home movie, or music video. Most devices can play multi-media files and with DriveShare you can finally put that capability to good use.
  • Send your friends the latest great download. DriveShare allows you to send them an email with a web link to a file. You can get them any file you want from your system at home even if you are not there.

Internet Cafe

  • Easily and securely access your computer files at your home or work from any Internet Cafe without complicated tunnels or slow remote desktop viewers. The modern web-based interface can be accessed from any device that has a web browser and puts your files at your fingertips, not just at your computer.
  • Now it’s easy; you can connect to your home system and browse any of your files.

Mobile Devices

  • Now you effectively have a terabyte or more on your browser enabled mobile device…
  • Have all your documents, pictures, music and videos available whenever and wherever you need them.
  • View or make available for download any of your files, all from your phone, PDA or laptop.


Since DriveShare looks like a local drive or folder you can now use the local operating system tools to create backups. It will also work with most commercial packages making DriveShare a very nice choice for remote backup of your files. Since DriveShare uses very little system resources you can even use older computers as backup or RAS devices. Now instead of throwing your old system away you can just add storage and use the operating system tools to copy your data between them.

There are other methods of having your data available and backed up. However, most of these services require that you put your data in someone else's control. What you don't hear is how your files are secured or how easy and convenient remote access is. How comfortable are you with that concept?


DriveShare uses advanced cryptography that in most cases exceeds United States government standards. When using DriveShare between computers or on the web we use SSL to secure both endpoints making it impossible to stage a 'man-in-the-middle' attack or to intercept your data while it's going from one system to another.

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