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Small Business Solutions

The Professional Edition is for just that, the professional who needs to manage up to 1000 simultaneous connections, with nickname and channel registration, buddy lists and server to server linking. The server also comes with a range of advanced clients including HTML and Java. This edition is ideal for small to medium sized business communications.

Large Scale Solutions

With the Enterprise Edition, you get everything but the machine to run it on. The Enterprise Edition supports 10,000 concurrent connections, is specially designed for limitless scalability across servers, nickname and channel registration. The Enterprise Edition incorporates SSLv3 and Encryption for our java clients, web server and that server. This allows you to have cryptographically secure communications between two parties or with all the participants in a designated secure channel on the chat server. Advanced Channel Logging features, Buddy Lists, Memos between your members as well as training for you and your staff. These tools could change the world. They have already changed the Web.


With WebMaster's BackPack, we'll supply you with the code to add a chat client to your web page and allows you to completely customize the web page as if it was your own. All it takes is a little cutting and pasting, and you have added an instant community to your web page. Go ahead, join them, and we'll carry the chat load on our servers.

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