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ConferenceRoom Technical Specifications

High Performance Multi Threaded Core
ConferenceRoom was designed around a high performance multi threaded core. This allows ConferenceRoom unparalleled performance when dealing with thousands of operations per second. ConferenceRoom was originally designed in 1995 and was one of the first servers on the market to be multi threaded.

RFC 1459 Compliant
J. Oikarinen and D. Reed developed a text chat protocol in 1993 that has become the defacto standard for almost all of the text chat servers on the Internet. ConferenceRoom while adding many enhancements fully supports this protocol.

ConferenceRoom includes the ability for users to register their nicknames and rooms as well as send memos to one another. Or, you can hook up ConferenceRoom via its external methods to a database of your choice and create your own version of services. This would be the preferred method for an existing online community that wishes to integrate the chat server with their existing community.

External Methods
The Enterprise Edition of ConferenceRoom supports an interface to allow custom code to interface with the chat server directly. For UNIX platforms, the custom code must be supplied in the form of a shared object (.so) file. For WIN32 platforms, the custom code must be supplied in the form of a DLL file. See the Support FAQ for more information.

Port Binding:
You can bind ConferenceRoom to a single IP address if the system it's running on has multiple addresses. This process is called port binding whereby the application will only answer to a specified port on a specified address. The first port has to be unique to that instance of CR. The rest of the ports can be bound to any IP on the system. See the Support FAQ for more information.

Allowable Characters & Lengths

Length: 60
Allowed: Must start with a #, may not contain a space or comma.

Length: 30
Allowed Characters:
May not start with a dash or digit.

Real Name Field
Length: 500 characters
Allowed: Anything is allowed in the real name field.

Event Wizard
The EventWizard feature is part of the Enterprise Edition only. If you use the manual method of cut and paste for a moderated chat, you will love this panel as everything is automated. Keep in mind that you cannot copy or cut from the JAVA applet, which is one of the reasons why the EventWizard was created. See the Support FAQ for more information.

Server to Server Linking
ConferenceRoom (Professional and Enterprise Editions) support linking two servers together to create redundancy and expand the quantity of users that the network can support. The Pro Edition has the ability to have 1,000 users so linking two of them together would give the network a capacity of 2,000 users. To the end user this appears to be just a single server. See the Support FAQ for more information.

Web Server
ConferenceRoom includes a high performance Web Server for use with the Chat server. This server has many built in features to enhance and enable the java and flash chat interfaces. As an example you can create a live web page that shows the current topic and the number of users and then code the HTML to automatically have the client join that specific room when clicked on. See the Support FAQ for more information.

ConferenceRoom's included web server offers an advanced language for embedding commands and interactivity in the web pages it serves. Some of these features are used in our theme pages and administration pages. A thorough understanding of these features will allow you to build more interesting and interactive web pages.

Global Variables
Variables will allow you to place replacement strings inside of your html and param files. This can be handy when you want to change the look at feel of a variety of pages quickly. Or to have a single place to make changes. As an example you can take a look at the variables theme, variable.var, and variable.prm files.

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