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ConferenceRoom is a browser-enabled Chat/Conferencing/Messaging server application that allows companies to interact with clients or staff, dissolving geographical barriers, customer support without the aggravating wait, sales worldwide without expensive international offices, product development when the team is spread out geographically, distance learning. Whenever and wherever people need to work together or when people just want to chat.

No other technology has the same track record for stability, features, speed and scalability. This isn't just a boast on our part, rather something that we prove every night. WebMaster runs one of the largest chat networks in the world providing us with real time data on the performance of our software. Many competitors’ products may boast 'unlimited connections', 'scalability' or 'stability' but they will not be able to prove it. When it comes to our 'proofs' we only have to look as close as our own network room.

We are the market share leader in real-time chat applications installed in thousands of web sites with millions of users worldwide. ConferenceRoom, the WebMaster Chat/Conferencing client & server software is the perfect choice for reducing your communication costs in business. Anytime people need to interact real-time.

ConferenceRoom products support multiple platforms - all you need to use a ConferenceRoom server is a browser. If you can click, you can chat. Our server software runs on Windows 2000 and XP, Vista, Windows 7, Linux / Intel and OSX / Intel. Our products offer 90 days free standard support, and we welcome you to a 30 day trial of our software.

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