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About WebMaster

WebMaster, Incorporated has been developing innovative messaging and cryptographic technology since 1995. Through the boom and bust, ups and downs, our business has been growing for more than 12 years. In fact, no one has been doing secure messaging and chat for longer than we have. We're proud of that.

We attribute our growth to two main factors: better technology and better customer support. Our engineering team has developed the most secure messaging products available, and we are committed to every customer who puts their trust in us by purchasing one. We don't focus much on marketing or salespeople, because we build outstanding products, and we support them rigorously.

Better Technology

We believe we have more messaging and cryptology expertise than anyone else. With top engineers from countries around the world, we've assembled a team of domain experts whose level of messaging and cryptology experience is equaled only by their passion for developing great technology. We tend to be perfectionists, because we love what we do.

Better Customer Support

Our passion for delivering a superior product requires more than engineering-it also requires a focus on the customer. At WebMaster, we are fiercely dedicated to providing outstanding support for all our customers, big and small. Through email, phone, and live chat, our customers enjoy easy access to real product experts that can answer real product questions. We take pride in the responsiveness and expertise of our support team, and consider it fundamental to our success.

Another result of our focus on the customer is that we actively encourage feedback, and actually listen when we get it. We believe that customers who use our products every day provide an invaluable perspective for product development strategy, and we welcome their input.

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